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Your Home.

Your Life.

Your Story.

Determining What Things Mean to You and How They Affect You

~ Can Be Your Greatest Move


Knowing How toTrust Your Instincts and Live a Life that Reflects You ~ is Easier than You Think 

Meet Lisa Lowrance

Lisa is the guiding light and grace behind Home Charms.


She has been supporting others to find more love, purpose, and connection in their lives for over 30 years by building, designing and organizing home environments and believes your home is most beautiful and most charming when it comes straight from your life and tells the story of your soul.

Lisa helps you connect with your own inner knowing ~ to access the wisdom, creativity and curiosity that are instinctively within you. Working with clients and connecting their dream home to their soul space is about living a new story and seeing what's possible from divine support.


Many simply fear they will make a wrong choice.  Doubts creep in when there are too many choices but you can quickly recognize easier choices by purely tuning into your natural connections to joy. Lisa will guide you to tune into your souls desire and embody your souls expression. 


You will learn to open your soul to embrace an intuitively guided lifestyle with joy and confidence. When you understand your attachment to your treasures ~ these new finely tuned beliefs can create monumental change faster than anything you've tried before.

Gracefully bring your vision of your ideal life ~ to life!

Create your dream home in both style and in soul.


You ~ can create a home life and the soul space you've always dreamed of.


You ~ are in the right place.

Wix KM.jpg

Learn to expect good things and enjoy the journey!

To joy or not to joy, an excellent question.

Lisa is trained in the KonMari® method of organization. 


This method will give you a greater understanding of your home and allows you to choose what you want to keep ~ all based on joy!


Imagine bringing your closet to life with selections that make you feel inspired each time you put them on. For most people, this is a first step in learning to trust your intuitive knowing and to commit yourself to long term results, rather than short term fixes.


This is intuition "light" and through the art of touch ~ a wonderfully easy method for you to become finely tuned to your inner wisdom.



Now everything has a place and I have a place for myself too. You got me in touch with who I really am. Thank you Lisa, this was a life changer.


Lisa walked me through it, she made me think about every need and she also helped me gain that feeling of peace within myself and my home.


My home was relatively tidy. Yet Lisa helped me find creative solutions for the things I have and now my home flows with a simplicity that I could never have achieved on my own. 

Quick Connect!

Create a Scared Soul Space and Discover Your Inner Harmony.

Hi, this is Lisa. The professional web designers say I'm supposed to talk to you in the 3rd person, but I can't do that. I want you to know some things from me personally.

I am here to support you and inspire your outer world and your inner desires to align.

I've been a helper all my life. My intuition has guided me through years of understanding clients unspoken needs or manifesting what's needed when it's needed. These traits have served me well and were ingrained in my DNA at a very young age and I cultivated these skills as I matured.


I believe by setting up the proper atmosphere in your home you'll find it easier to manage your day to day life simply by understanding your intuitive code.

And if your inspiration comes from a picture perfect dream home, that's wonderful. However,  reality in our daily lives is much more fluid than the rigid design depicted and staged in TV shows, on a magazine page, Instagram post or Pinterest board.


 Look closely at those beautiful interiors for signs of daily life such as TV's and toys, computers and phone cords, coffee pots or pet food. When you begin to notice these subtle omissions, (insight #1 - intuition is very subtle) you can begin to shift your ideals of what "perfection" is and is not. You have everything inside you to highlight your uniqueness and set yourself up for success.


Your choices displays your soul and your choices should tell your story.


You'll be surprised how by simply going within (insight #2 - limit distractions) and tapping into your intuition easily develops your ability to identify what influences your soul.


It's all about your soul and how you find your soul spark! 

Your life opens to being surrounded with all the things you truly love. The things that make you smile and feel amazing. I believe this is how we can embrace ourselves and allow our choices to do this for us too. My mission is to help you break through the barriers that have been holding you back and empower you with the intuitive guidance you need to thrive.


Everyone has their own distinctiveness ~ we discover yours! 

You have access to my lifelong passion on how to create a life to function for you. With simple shifts you can reach your goal to live in harmony with what you choose ~ which gives you more freedom and more space and more time to spend with the people and causes that matter most in your life.


To that end, I believe in the purity of giving focused attention to the one I'm with and consciously choose JOMO (joy of missing out:-). I'm not into social media and don't post before and after photos. It's a natural default to want to compare ourselves to others (insight #3 - we are all-ways judging) ~ and as a result ~ we do ourselves a disservice.


Your soul and joy comes from within and it's personal!

In my world, the most frequent comment I hear is, "I'm sure your other clients are normal." There is only one answer to that ~ there is no normal, there is only you. 

I am here to help you recognize how truly remarkable you are.


If you're stuck in overwhelm and don't know where to begin or maybe you're already designed and organized, but in need of a soulful joy check ~ this magical intuitive way of thinking easily validates what brings you joy versus what "they say" you should have. Because unfortunately we all know, there's a lot of "they say" in today's world.

You can become the dynamic force of your world!

Everyday the universe conspires to give you gifts and opportunities  

to tune into your intuition.


 If you are ready to change your life, know my passion is connecting your soul and  home in the most simple, effective and easy way possible ~ it's as easy as 1, 2, 3...4!

(insight #4 - send a message and find out how I can assist YOU)

Contact Lisa

Rehoboth Beach, DE and beyond in virtual

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Rates: $200/hr

plus expenses

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